About us

The Dyscalculia Association of Latvia is an association formed to promote the recognition of dyscalculia in Latvia.

Objectives of the Dyscalculia Association of Latvia :

  • Recognition

    • to promote the recognition of dyscalculia (calculation difficulties) in Latvia;
  • Development of education system

    • to develop dyscalculia as a sub-division of learning difficulties in Latvia;
  • Development of diagnosing methods

    • to develop and implement methods for diagnosing dyscalculia (calculation difficulties) in Latvia;
  • Increase teacher qualification

    • to develop and increase the qualification of Latvian teachers in diagnosing dyscalculia and adapting teaching methods;
  • Development of teaching methods

    • development and implementation of teaching methods in work with students with dyscalculia (calculation difficulties);
  • Developing support structures

    • Representation of students’ interests in cooperation with educational institutions and other institutions related to the development of education in receiving additional support to reduce the impact of dyscalculia (calculation difficulties).

The Dyscalculia Association of Latvia is not a commercial company. Our income consists of funds received from governmental and European Union support programs, as well as donations.

If you support the goals of the Dyscalculia Association of Latvia and want to support us – we will be grateful for each donation. The bank account is indicated in the “Contacts” section.